About Warehouse Safes

For 12 years, Mike Leathers’ business was to move and install safes. He handled some of the most difficult moves in the industry including doing work for a national safe store. When that safe store couldn’t fulfill the orders for its customers, Mike decided it was time for him to fill the gap and add safe sales to his business. 

Warehouse Safes was born to meet the growing demand for safe purchases in New Mexico. 

Home break-ins are still a major issue. Important documents, family heirlooms and firearms need to be secured. Warehouse Safes has partnered with Hollon Safes and other leading manufacturers to provide, deliver and install the best safes in the industry. 

Mike is a true family businessman with his wife of 15 years and two beautiful daughters he calls his best salesmen! 

Warehouse Safes

Warehouse safes are specialized security solutions designed to protect valuable items, documents, or cash in a warehouse or industrial environment.

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